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Providing Professional Firearm Services in Malmesbury, Wiltshire

At Nighthawk Security Solutions Ltd, we treat firearms with all of the gravity they command. Based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, we offer gun safes designed to allay the concerns of firearm holders and police. In addition, we provide professional pest control services in a controlled, safe manner.

Keep Firearms Secure

Firearm security is the perennial concern of all responsible firearm holders, as well as the police. At Nighthawk Security Solutions Ltd, we provide the security hardware needed to ensure that your firearms are safe. These solutions are designed to pass the scrutiny of police inspection.

Working with Local Authorities

Our operatives and consultants are firearms holders. As a result, we work closely with local police authorities to ensure that our products are safe and approved. In addition, we provide vulnerability assessments alongside CCTV and other security systems to ensure that firearms are kept safe.

Flexible Solutions

As every customer’s needs are different, we make sure to adapt our services as necessary. We’ll take your requirements and budget into close account while designing a system that makes sense for you.

Pest Control

In addition to firearm protection services, Nighthawk Security Solutions Ltd provides responsible pest and vermin control services. These services are designed to remedy the following:

  • Rabbits Destroying Crops and Making Holes that Could Injure Livestock
  • Deer Destroying Crops, Hedgerows, and Interfering with Livestock
  • Foxes Attacking, Destroying, or Killing Domestic Fowl
  • Squirrels
  • Pigeons or Carrion-Eating Birds Creating a Mess or Damaging Roofs and Crops

Professional and considerate, Nighthawk Security Solutions Ltd is on hand to solve your pest problems. We recognise the need to protect assets and crops while ensuring wildlife populations are maintained responsibly. Our animal control agent is a fully BASC qualified hunter and marksman.

Contact us today, in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, for more information about the gun safes and pest control services we provide.