We Are Watching

Rely on Thorough Vulnerability Assessments Offered by Experts

At Nighthawk Security Solutions Ltd, we take pride in our unfaltering vigilance. Based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, our attentive team carries out comprehensive vulnerability assessments for domestic, commercial, and agricultural clients.

Highlighting Potential Risks

As part of our all-encompassing vulnerability assessment, we’ll pinpoint the potential security risks posed by your property. Then, we’ll produce a full report. Aside from being useful for your own reference, this report is helpful for insurance purposes.

Working Meticulously

Typically, it takes a full day to complete a survey, and another two to create a report. However, this will vary depending on the size of your land and property. At Nighthawk Security Solutions Ltd, we take our namesake seriously. Like a hawk, we’ll take our time to fully scrutinise your property, ensuring that nothing is missed.

Dependable Recommendations

Within our report, you’ll find a compilation of advice and guidance. This will include our recommendations regarding any necessary security hardware. This could include security solutions designed to compensate for blind spots in surveillance, or security weak points. With a wealth of experience providing domestic and commercial security solutions, our experts know the practices that will keep a property secure.

Adapting Our Services

At Nighthawk Security Solutions Ltd, we listen closely to the individual requests of each client. Then, we work tirelessly to adapt our services and solutions to match their needs to the letter. This includes sourcing the best possible products while accommodating your requirements fully.

Contractual Services

Security work is available on a contractual basis when necessary. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to lower their insurance expenses. An ongoing contractual agreement with regular security reviews is an excellent way to reduce insurance costs, depending on your insurer.

Contact our security consultants today, in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, to receive a free consultation regarding vulnerability assessments.